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August 14, 2007


Florence Gilliam

This is very true that Just because your advertiser's message is delivered in digital does not mean it works. There are many frauds in the advertisement.

Kalona Mincy

Now this is just sad. It's kind of weird that in our time, this kind of marketing still exists. I'm kind of curious right now as to how this happened. Or was it official. Anyway, if I receive any emails with the similar intentions, I just simply delete it and then forget about it.

Ugg Sundance II

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Josh Gordon

Sometimes where I see an obviously bad idea like this I try to imagine the meeting where it was first presented; "Ladies and gentlemen, we stand on the very brink of a major marketing break though. We are going to forever change the way people market personal hygiene products. Today we start with toothpaste, but when we are through the marketing world will never be the same."

Dentist Palmdale

Just another junk in our inbox..LOL! it's kinda awkward to promoto toothpaste and other toiletries via e-mail. that's ridiculous.

Adventure Travel Guides

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