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September 30, 2008


Hermes Birkin Bag

Wow. This is a wild study. Kind of makes you think twice about click through metrics.


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Josh Gordon

No it is actually just a TypePad template

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there r no information about how we increase our sale during recession period.


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Josh Gordon

Thanks for your thoughts. Those of us on the selling side of media always have to reinvent our positive attitudes in the face of tougher selling.


Richard Denny

Well 2008, an incredible and fascinating year that I am sure we all would have preferred to do without. Having been through three recessions in my life this one is without question a new experience and very different. I personally feel that the most depressing aspect is the enthusiasm and the willingness of the media to make matters even worse.

As you probably know my favourite word is ‘balance’ but unfortunately we do not have a balanced media. We live daily with the misery and fear perpetrated by journalists who are targeted to find anything that can be construed as a bad news story, and even worse this is delivered with exaggeration and on radio and TV with dramatic inference of the voice to worry us and frighten us a little more.

So over Christmas let’s all get a little bit of ‘balance’ again. There is a lot that is good; some businesses have done extremely well. I am very fortunate in being Chairman of Eze-talk Telecommunications which has become one of the fastest growing businesses in the north east of England. There is a lot of good news out there; the one thing we can all do and is in our control is not to allow ourselves to become mentally disturbed due to journalistic licence.

• Look for the good and for every one of us in business; let’s concentrate on how we can do our job a little better.
• How we can care of our customers a little more effectively.
• How we can help and support out colleagues and managers to achieve their goals and responsibilities.
• Above all else in a touch market place let’s do what our competitors may not be doing and that is to be more proactive.
• Be more visible and when we are asked how we are doing let’s respond with

“We are doing fine and we are going to do even better”.

Dr. Jim Anderson


Great reminder! The rules have changed: in the past a downturn would cause everyone to pull back. In today's always-on, global economy, just because you are seeing a downturn does not mean that your competition is seeing the same. It is now critical that you never take your foot off the "advertising gas", otherwise you are going to get lapped. The Clark Company got it right!

- Dr. Jim Anderson

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