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December 01, 2008


telemarketing leads

for inexperienced clients, getting them used to the idea that your open rate is not a marketing outrage might be the first step.

mailing list companies

59% of respondents said that their organizations have deployed an email encryption solution. An additional 19% intend to deploy such a solution in the future (most in the next 12 months).

list broker

marketers are asking this question when you sell them an e-mail newsletter ad or sponsorship.

Christmas Deals

Christmas Presents are always adding flavour of love. Spend like maniac to share the love.


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One of the options the default blogger comments lack is the option to reply to an individual comment.In fact it was one of the reasons i changed from blogger comments to Disqus comments.I have however come across a cool blogger hack that will enable comment replies for blogger.



Randomly sometimes I do open it but most of the time I delete it without even opening them.

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I would like to read more about this interesting topic.

Internet Marketing

Great post! What I do sometimes is that I tag them as spam so I will never have to see them on my Inbox but there are still those whom I take time to open and read, somewhat like interesting stuffs like health. Thanks for sharing!

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The blog has a full of information which I have been looking for and not only this it also helps us in getting the correct facts and figures. The blogger has done a really good work in updating his blog. Keep it up

Make Money Blogging

I went to check out the website you linked to - looks like a great resource on email marketing; thanks for pointing it out.

Internet Marketing Tools

Interesting statistics. 25% is about what I get, so I suppose I am right on track.

Cheap Computers

Randomly sometimes I do open it but most of the time I delete it without even opening them.

I feel that it's a completely waste of time.

Cheap Computers

Well I do not open it and delete it before reading.

Josh Gordon

Talking openly about open rates is a very good thing. Since
e-mail newsletters are a new thing it sometimes throws people who are not used to these discussions. THANK YOU FOR SAHRING!


John Ward

Glad to see this, were a technology company and have a monthly newsletter which goes out to 2,500 emails across the telco, transport, defence, oil & gas industries and for 2 years have only ever got a 20% open rate!

Given me some peace of mind.....

Merry Christmas!

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