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December 28, 2008


Direct response services

Thanks Josh for the clarification. Social media really plays a big part on this, I hope direct response too.


Josh Gordon

Daniel, In 2009 I did over a dozen media surveys and a thrid were for social media networks. The social media networks all had response rates that were as high as those we used to get for traditional lists and publication lists of 10-15 years ago.

Direct response services

You're definitely right Josh, "responsiveness" is growing in others.


Josh Gordon

While response rates are dropping in some areas, "responsiveness" is growing in others.
Perhaps our Harvard friends should not write off this aespect of the Internet so soon.

Direct response expert

Direct response has been very effective in this kind of thing. I am not sure on the Harvard business review.


Timeshare Lead King

the golden age isn't over. it has just changed so some of the older tricks don't work as well. just a new age of new ideas.

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