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March 20, 2009


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I would love to hear that this thing is active regularly.

Josh Gordon

Lot's more information like this is coming soon in a few weeks. http://bit.ly/4Cndez

Letters to the Philippines

This is the topic that i been looking for.


entertainment source

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Account Deleted

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Letters to the Philippines

Good luck to them.Just hoping they can launched the magazine successfully.


Pierre Bisaillon


I applaud your efforts in bringing a dose of reality to the digital edition space and speaking out on how they need to be to become successful. I would also say they need to take a two-pronged approach in terms of marketing the DE to get it in front of many more potential readers. That is the whole reason we created the Mygazines Newsstand which takes the newsstand premise, extends it to all digital editions regardless of the provider and wraps Web 2.0 features such as commenting and social bookmarking around the pubs.
It's only a matter of finding the sweetspot before digital editions truly take off as it makes such economic sense.

Letters to the Philippines

I also wish you good luck!! Keep up the good work!


Cimarron Buser

Josh, this is a great example of what we call a "designed for digital" magazine.

We have just put out a guide for publishers on how best to deploy these called "Designing for Digital Made Easy".

You can read it at http://info.texterity.com/info/digitaldesign/ -- there is no registration required.

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