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January 08, 2010


Scott Donovan

At a book stand or magazine stand people will flip through the magazine to evaluate to buy or not to buy.
You cannot flip through an electronic magazine.
You have to buy without having a glimpse of the content.

lloyd klein

The e-readers have been coming for sometime I mean I guess we couldn't always expect to hold a paper in our hand ;). At any rate it's pretty exciting who knows what else will be at our disposal in the coming years. Good article

Anne M.

Dear Mr. Gordon,

Great stuff!! Very thorough and insightful.

As the (very) old saying goes, "Litera Scripta Manet"-- The written word endures!

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Dentists Preston

Great, if this is going to work, but obviously publishing companies will have to convince people to sign up for another service ! Not an easy feat if they're already tangled up with a Kindle or Apple. Especially if this new service will be just magazines, and not include newspapers.


Rob Grady

There certainly is an exciting evolution in content delivery devices but unfortunately as these videos illustrate there is a misguided focus to see who can stick the magazine (ads and all) in an iPhone the best. Alternatively content producers might be better served exploring alternative revenue streams from putting their content in a form that readers can easily consume.


I think there's still something missing here:

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