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March 02, 2010


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You are right about the european digital media being very dynamic. Could see it in UK and in France, indeed impressive.

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I wonder what the outcome of the conference was - do you have a post on that? Would love to take a look.

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Mainstream media are fully 100% marketing products, aiming to produce the highest return for investors. Independent magazines mostly published and produced by the owners. Motivation is passion for quality and the expression of their voice. Today independent magazines come from all over world although media markets produce more independent publications. Thanks for the post in this site.

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Companies that have personnel who are using the Internet to personally communicate every day have a much higher success rate of making this transition [from print to digital magazines]. We all use the Internet, we all use e-mail, we all use Internet tools, but I know one publishing company where employees are required to have a Facebook page and Twitter account. A lot of the internal company correspondence happens via social media tools.

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Couple of questions for the Symposium Josh:

For Gregg Hano - were Popsci's Genius Guides - with their very high production values - launched to make money or more to showcase the potential of the digital magazine format?

More generally, maybe for Dominic, I'm interested that you say the European market for digital magazine advertising is 18 months ahead of the US. What evidence is there for this and why do you think it is the case?

Have a great day,


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