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May 02, 2010


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I would love to agree with this prediction. As time passes by, more inventions and technologies are coming out that paper magazines will be left out.

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I have read quite a number of your posts and and found them really informative and meaningful. What is more, the subjects that you talk about are mostly in line with my interests, which make me enjoy a lot. so I will pay more attentions to your blog. Looking forward to your better and better articles.See you next time.

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You have described it very well. Now a day, I feel that, No need to go to out because Internet showing me a more information to read. Today I have got a new information from your blog...


Dude I have to say I'm so glad to find your blog, even though I did it by a fluke. The information posted here is interesting and entertaining. In short, a really nice blog.

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Print is not dead. It is not even die, at least not yet. Think like an animal print overweight, shedding excess weight. The result is leaner more defined more beautiful experience. What we buy in print will be increasingly valuable as the players move to digital and they are so amazingly fast it is almost scary.

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A high level of quality maintained in the magazine industry. Ads that are reproduced and reprinted with same the visual appeal of the original. Unlike a newspaper that can rub off ink or raking leaves are durable, bright, and at the end. This premium can reflect on your product, company or service advertised.

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