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March 06, 2011



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Your illustration made me laugh. It just shows that wherever you go and whatever you do brands are in display. Where the people are brands are there to advertise.

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Is this an actual one?

Looks like 2009 oder 2010..


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Though I hate snakes, the image vividly shows the contents.

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I was really surprised to see MTV so high up on the list. I didn't realize that they were so popular anymore. I expected Ferrari and Starbucks to rank higher.

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That is a cool graph. It really shows how social media is integrating into our everyday lives. What is crazy is how quickly this has happened. Who would have thought that it would become all this. Fun to think about the future though.

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I am truly shocked! I never knew Apple didn't have a facebook page!

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I really appreciated the read and shall be dropping by from time to time now.


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Wow, it's one of a kind art(Social Media Snake and Ladders). Who's the mastermind behind this. It's pretty impressive however just out of curiosity what are the functions of the numbers and what are they signifying for.


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It is really interesting see the breakdown and who's winning the game. Even more interesting would be to take the top five and compare their strategies.


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Very funny. Feel a bit brainwashed with all of the logos, it disheartens me that some companies pay people who 'get it' and some just don't put any effort into understanding their customer and how to engage with them. Oh well! We don't mind seeing logos and slogans as long as it's relevant and we like the products.

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I'm surprised L'oreal doesn't put more effort into social media.

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