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August 03, 2011


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Ya that is true after the keyword research and meta tag selection the page structure and content of the website is considered most important to be optimized for increasing the hits to the given website.

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Content plays a very important role in the process of seo. It acts as a first impression for all the viewers to make a look back into your website.


I've been very pleased with the way the Panda update has improved search results. Not only has it cut down on the amount of scam/un-related sites, but now they give you the most recent results first. I was tired of seeing 2 or 3 years old blog posts come up whenever I'd research things about politics or technology. I think Google has done a great job of improving the user experience.

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Really placed the importance back on the content writers and web designers in internet marketing firms. Linkbuilders and seo strategists have been given the back seat since much of their work has become obsolete. Not to say that there still isn't a place in the world for seo, but it certainly doesn't require the attention it used to.

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