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October 14, 2011


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Larry Mincer

Josh, great information here. One thing I can't figure out: do you know what the distinction is between Content creation and Blogging?

Josh Gordon

Hi Larry! Blogging is just one form of content creation. Other forms are writing a white paper, shooting a video, recording a podcast, and sending out a Tweet. “Content” used to just be called “information” and developing it used to be called, well, “writing.” But when things went digital there were many more forms including video, audio, social media etc. So the more encompassing descriptor of “content” was applied. Content creation is makin' the stuff.

lord tabang

good day! i really like your post because it is very informative, actually your article has a lots of SEO techniques that we can apply to increase the page rank.. kudOs! :D

Rohan Beata

It seems that some people have considered blogging different from content creation. As Josh said, it could be considered as another form of content creation. Some companies have a blog section on their website as well.


Before I decided to create my first website I watched a video of Matt Cutts explaining how things work. Yes, you can try and do something that is already done, but do it in your own words, give your oppinion about it, make your own description. Yes I have all the keywords in all the right places, but guess what, google does not display them like I want it too, but as it see fit (which in my case helped me alot, google added couple of words to my title tags, because of that couple of my sites are on the 1st place for the main keyword). Follow the golden rule of creating a unique content and let Google do the rest.

Google will grow smarter, not dumber, its becoming more human-like.

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Seattle Seo

Hello, Larry! Blogging is just one form of content creation. Other forms of writing the White Paper, video shoots, recording a podcast, and send a Tweet. "Content" is only used to be called "knowledge" and its development, to be called, well, "write". But when things went digital formats was much more like video, audio, social media, etc. Thus, for a more complete descriptor of "content" has been applied. The content creation stuff is makin '.

Account Deleted

Content acts as a very first impression to all the viewers to look into it. My suggestion is to make some modifications by adding some interesting as well as some useful information in your content in order to increase the viewers to look back into your websites.

Search Engine Optimization

I've come to this conclusion recently also, and I can't agree more. I guess the numbers don't lie either. New content is the fire that cooks up a good SEO campaign. Thanks for posting this! :D

SEO Company

The key to getting high SEO rakings is to identify which words or phrases best describe the site or the business. These words and phrases are commonly referred to as “keywords”. We will work with a business to choose good keywords and then have these keywords placed in strategic places on your website.

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Terri Lawton

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