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August 12, 2008


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Joe Schmitter

I have an account, an upscale home remodeler, that advertises in our women's magazine. They were going to suspend advertising until I shared this story with them. They have agreed to continue advertising! Thanks for the assistance and excellent resources!

Josh Gordon

Thank you Joe. You made my day!!

Letters to the Philippines

Yeah you're definitely right "Companies can use a recession to move ahead of their competition by being aaggressive during slow time."


Kaili Hawley


I read this example from the White Paper you wrote The Coming Change in Social Media Business Applications and just thought it was amazing and really puts into focus that marketing is SO vital to a business.
I just wrote about it and you actually on my company blog Web Marketing Therapy if you want to check it out.

Josh Gordon

Thank you Kaili, we can all use a little positvie web therapy these days!


the .doc won`t open ...who gave you access to the web?


Thank you so much for this post, I would definitely share this with others

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I've enjoyed reading the reactions to Bob's comment's about Obama's connection to deliberative politics and his references to the "common good." A recent New Yorker piece takes a similar position and contrasts Obama's "deliberative" style with Clinton's penchant for partisanship: See George Packer's "The Choice" in THE NEW YORKER (Jan 28, 08).

In these discussions about Obama, Democrats, and the common good, it is important to remember that
Michael Tomasky got the Democrats back on to the language of the "common good" with his article, "Party in Search of a Notion," from THE AMERICAN PROSPECT (April 2006).

This talk of the common good, from Tomasky's perspective may be completely in line with partisan politics and need not be identified with deliberation. See Tomasky's review of Krugman's new book, "The Partisan," in the NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS (54:18 Nov 22, 07).

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Rivera would have to give up a lot of the money he's already raised for his Senate bid because it's corporate -- but his donors could give it back to him. But there's also word that strategist Carlos Curbelo may throw his hat in. A little over a year ago, Curbelo lost to Rivera by a sole vote in the race to chair the Miami-Dade Republican Party.

The race could have implications for other races on the ballot: Curbelo is loyal to Senate candidate Charlie Crist; Rivera is tight with his primary challenger Marco Rubio. But they share one thing with the Diaz-Balarts: both are ardent supporters of the embargo against Cuba. Curbelo has never held elected office.

Curbelo called Diaz-Balart the "personification of honorable public service. That's his legacy. Our community is losing a strong voice in Washington but is gaining a private citizen that will continue working for the causes that unite us."


ed Diaz-Balart the "personification of honorable public service. That's his legacy. Our community is losing a stron


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Both of these factors can depress labor productivity, as can a number of other variables. Resorting to individual "laziness" as an explanation is just that; lazy academics. In conjunction with the fact that Clark rules out so many other explanations so quickly, I would hesitate to support his claims.


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We will fight this recession.

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Scary how, exactly? In situations like these, it can be useful to remember that not every woman wearing boots wants to spank you or fuck you.

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I would, however, like to emphasize a point I obliquely in that review. My primary criticisms are not aimed at Mr. Diallo whatsoever. He is clearly a very skilled photographer and photographic post-processor. His knowledge shines through despite the impediments presented by the book's truly awful design.

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Marketing and advertising is a crucial thing for the long last of a brand, but although, when some company has "hard times", the analysts have to figure it out if it's because of the company itself, the rivals or the situation in the market or country..every reason has it's solutions.

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