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October 13, 2008


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The big companies are the ones most affected by the recession.

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I would like to live to study, and not study to live.

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I have noticed that the small business start ups are the first to bounce back also. I think cause they start with less debts and obligations.

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Arm commentary could possibly be all best for some, but this really is barely tepid. The majority of us inside weblog favor writing that may be much less unfettered.
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with managers in small Inc. 500 companies more likely to describe the economic environment as growth, and those in large service companies to describe it as recession."

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I agree. The old favourites never fail me when I'm restless or just can't settle or have just read a terrific book & nothing else seems right as the next read. Rereading can be blissful.

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all that needs be done, is to simply revoke the damned authorizing and implementing legislation, and not only is it back in the bottle, but it is as dead as a post legally and historically.

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I think big companies are more effected by recessions as compared to small one. Big companies fired hundreds of peoples at the time of recession . On the other hand, small companies not effected as much . They were working fine with all their clients. Any ways, recession has been gone..So man enjoy the day with good job !

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I must say that 2009 Recession was one of the big recession. It stayed for long time and made lot of peoples unemployed. At that time, Lot of companies also took the benefit of name of recession either they were effected or not and did cost cuttings.

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Indeed. But still there are smart ways to prevent it.


Great to hear businesses are coming back.. specially the small guys.

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For now, however, German industrialists have plenty of reasons to be cheerful.

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I agree that smaller companies selling more product after recession than big companies.And this can be seen even when we had recession in past also.The reason for the this fact can be found in this post and you can apply them to enhance your sales.I like the idea which you shared with us.I am thankful for your effort.Nice work you people are doing.

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