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December 11, 2008


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Sales Training

I'm lucky enough to work in an industry where when economic times are down my services are even more valuable.

Caspar Craven

Firstly, i have to comment that this is a great question to ask at the moment - its a question I believe more people should be asking.

My view - more than ever, stay close to your customers and prospects and find out what their issues are, and deliver them something that genuinely solves their issues and shows that you are listening to them. Its always sound as a principle, but never more so than in the current climate.

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Sales success depends not just on selling harder, but selling strategically smarter to these customer adjustments as well.

Proposal Software

Selling in a strong economy and money is flowing in this strong economy and also companies are concerned about growth. All these changes in a recession and salespeople must also changes their sales strategies.

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The Lib Dems say they didn't win the election so can't implement their manifesto, but the Tories didn't win either and so shouldn't be implementing thier manifesto either.

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Perfect. Surveys help alot in finding alot of things like customer satisfaction level, mechanism for people making any complaints highlighted, and getting exact customer requirements. Great post.

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