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July 23, 2009


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Nick Moreno

I feel sorry for that 19% that start a sales presentation with a joke. It sure is hard to recover if that joke bombs.
Great advice.

Jim Meisenheimer

As a sales trainer and profesional speaker for 21.5 years I didn't always start my presentations with a story.

But I do now.

Good advice . . .

Josh Gordon

Thank you Jim. I guess it's a no brainer!

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Nice Post!Well for me,in any presentation, it would be nice to start with a story and combine it with a joke!and let your audience get involve, so they can relate on what your are talking or presenting.Thanks for this post.

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I agree, people react better to a story rather than a joke. Especially if the story is personal.

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Good idea. I think the better way is to point out a memorable sales in your presentation and go forward with that throughout the presentation

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Hi Josh,

I agree with you that telling a humorous story is much better than a joke. A storyline is in a better position to align and engage your audience.

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